Friday, April 25, 2014

SSIS Consulting Services

SSIS Consulting Services from After-Hours Coders

I developed and maintained over 100 SSIS packages in SQL Server to automate manual processes and solve business issues.

I have been:
  • Developing and administering packages since 2007 in SQL Server 2000 through 2012.
  • Upgrading SQL 2000 DTS packages to SQL 2005 and higher.
  • Used SQL, Oracle, XML, CSV, SharePoint Lists and other sources for inputs/outputs in SSIS packages. 
  • I have extensive experience loading data to Oracle databases using SSIS Packages as well.

I earned a MCITP in SQL Server 2008 for Business Intelligence Developer and a MCTS for Business Intelligence development for SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

Besides training, I have gone to numerous SQL PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) conference sessions on SSIS best practices, presented by industry leaders.

Since I work full time as a DBA/BI Administrator and would be looking to do this contract work on the side, working on this in the evening with the ability to communicate during the work day.  Would this be a possibility?

Thanks for your consideration!