Thursday, October 6, 2011

Business Objects Enterprise Timeout

When running a new, very large report, I encountered this generic error in my Business Objects XI 3.1 SP2 environment using Infoview on IIS.  

“An error has occurred. Request timeout.”

Here are the steps to resolve the issue that I used on my Windows 2003 R2 Application Server.

Go into IIS (Start/Run/ inetmgr)

Right Click on the “default web site”, choose properties.

Bump up “Connection timeout” seconds to 900:

Tab over to Home Directory, configuration and options.  Update ASP Script Timeout to 900 seconds:

Finally, update the .NET settings in the Machine.Config file.  Please backup the current file before you begin!


Add within the system.web section:

Save, exit.  Restart IIS by typing “iisreset” on the DOS command line.